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hey! first off thanks for all the feedback on my last entry, all the suggestions for STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS are AWESOME!
if you are just seeing this- you can suggest still!
i'm totally going to use it later on and give you polls for YOU to decide who i'll paint.

also I'm going to start selling Wonderland merchandise!
I'm going with SOCIETY6 the reason? they have FULL SHIRT PRINTS.
redbubble don't have that and i think these designs can look AWESOME LARGE!!!!

 I KNOW you saw my latest work for wonderland stuff, i'll be adding more, (like them if you didn't)

Hatter by OmriKoresh Alice in Wonderland, Portrait by OmriKoresh Walking Watch by OmriKoresh The Hat for Dreaming by OmriKoresh

- Cheshire portrait
- Queen portrait
- Rabbit portrait
- 4 hat designs
- 2 random designs

i think these are enough characters and art for now, if you have a cool idea I'm totally for it.
besides that what's new?
HEY! Ok where to begin? a LOT is going on, I'm finishing my Video Tutorials soon!

you can learn here

But! right now, I'll talk about two topics.

1. I'm working on a graphic novel... well... not exactly like a Novel more like "The Plucker" a GOOD story with GOOD art. but I'm not sure on how to approach it Socially, i mean, I started creating the art, (the text is done) but should I show it now or should I wait until I have a Large batch of art ready? Do you have ANY advice? the idea is to create a KICK-START CAMPAIGN next year, hopefully it will work! You'll get some insight on What's in it LATER.

2.  I want to make some Geeky fanart... for practice and because... I WANT TO.
and here's where i need your help!  i want a list of 10 STRONG FEMALE characters.... Ideas? i got:
  1.  Aeryn Sun (Farscape)
  2. Someone From star-trek... Maybe Deanna Troi OR 7of9 OR B'Ellana Torres i'm torn! torn!
  3.  7 from "Battlestar Galactica"
  4.  Jade (beyond Good and Evil)
  5.  Rebooted- Lara croft, but in a way that's NEW.
  6.  Princess Leia AS a warrior (star wars)
  7.  Xena
  8.  Buffy
  9.  Barbie... Not geeky but i LOVE barbie, Fits?
  10. ... I thought about Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy OR Leeloo from The fifth element.

These are my 10 picks for my top 10 Strong characters that i LOVE.
Who's more relevant?
who'd you like to see?
am I too old an no one knows who they are?

give me suggestions! I'll shuffle around and create a poll.
hey!! thank you everyone for the wishes!!!!
it made my day even more special!

and also i made a new tutorial, this time for skin,
you can see it in HD in my youtube page

thank you all!
- how often should i upload stuff?
- why can't i upload videos?

did you notice the VIDEO process i made for coloring? well i tried to upload it to, well, here! and i can't! is it just for premium members??
well, until i can fix it, here it is!:

Hey everyone! this is Omri!
so, according to your suggestions- this is the first video out of 10!
Composition! tell me what you think!

Name of Image

HEY! it's Omri!
SURVEY!! (look at the picture, and my mom says i don't have a sense of humor... although... she's kinda right.)

anyway! i have 14 options, most from my facebook page…

(you can suggest more if you want to) i need to narrow it down to 10. 

1. skin
2. hair
3. eyes
4. lips
5. shadows
6. reflections
7. composition
8. sparks
9. color scheme
10. rainbow coloring (over saturate)
11. matt painting tricks
12. poses
13. movement
14. coloring

Please comment (: after i'll see everyone's responses i'll narrow it to 10 and i'll start working on it next week. this will be for FREE i won't be charging for it. also it will be featured here and my youtube channel because you my friend. Are the definition of awesome.
HEY! it's Omri!
i have a question for all my watchers.

do you want me to make

Video Tutorials?

i asked this question on my facebook too, i just want your opinions
i want 10

So give me comments on what you'd like to see.
i'll do my best (:

HEY! as the title, Commissions are OPEN.
thought to put it out there, as someone just asked me (:

and something awesome happened, 
i met an art dealer, and he took interest in my paintings. he took several of them to exhibit in 
ART Taipei, it's a major art fair / gallery. now that's not the awesome part. the awesome part os that a year before i registered in ART Taipei in one of their larger competitions and i got in! out of thousands of people they picked me and 109 more artists to exhibit in April there + a chance to exhibit SOLO in 2017.

The fair picked:

Jonah's Torment, 2015

Jonah's Torment by OmriKoresh

i'll probably won't win but it's a good fucking start! getting into international competitions is quite big!
now that happened with no connection with the art dealer. that's the funny part.
just wanted to say sorry for not uploading any new art in a while,
i'm swamped with work and well, life! so this account IS ALIVE.

so just, i wanted to shout out.
• How long have you been on DeviantArt?
11 years!!

• What does your username mean?
My name, Literally.

• Describe yourself in three words.

• Are you left or right handed?
i can write with both hands but i use my right

• What was your first deviation?
No idea. it's 11 years ago.

• What is your favourite type of art to create?
i love painting traditionally and making dolls.

• If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Anime. because i'm not too fond of it, personally, but it also has a lot of attributes and a lot of things that can help with painting different things.

• What was your first favourite?
No idea! 11 years ago man.

• What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Good Art.

• Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
always and forever, DanLuVisiArt

• If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
i think zemotion i'd love to do a project together.

• How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
a friend of mine showed me the site and she really boosted up my confidence about my art. and she really inspired me to make more stuff and the community helped a lot. unfortunately she de-activated her account but i'm totally grateful.

• What are your preferred tools to create art?
Photoshop. oils and stuff for sculptures.

• What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
i don't get inspired. i inspire others.

• What is your favourite DeviantArt memory
each time i get a DD. each time. i get super excited.


now get me my badge!!

As the title.

a friend of mine claims that people under 25 don't know who Indiana Jones is.

If you are under 25, do you Know who that is?
invite by OmriKoresh
Good news! i finally got my date for my upcoming Exhibition.

it will be on the 9th of September.

i know a lot of you are NOT from Israel but don't worry, i'll be creating a 360 virtual version of the gallery. for safe keeping and also for use (:

For those few in Israel, COME! as i'll get more details as Time and stuff like that i'll upload stuff. also a month before the exhibition i'll be posting more things that are relevant to the exhibition.

If there are stuff you'd like me to tell you, show you, you can ask, i'll do my best. i'm also thinking about putting a video or two on what's going on there.
HEY! thank you Aeirmid for the Feature on my

Let the Rain Wash by OmriKoresh
it's one of my personal pics and one of my loved ones as well.
it's so awesome to receive this honor from DA,
thank you all. i'll respond to everything anyone writes me.

thank you everyone! and if anyone is interested to BUY something:

don't be hesitant to send me a note.

Selling again:

Write me!
I love Dr. who,
i like the changes,
i like all the doctors
even the current one!
i even like clara although like everyone else's i'm involve with Donna.

so why the fuck am i writing about this series?
i want to see if i'm the only one that's disappointed by the last season and the Christmas Special.

I think that the cast is overall AMAZING.
the actors work wonderfully together, but i don't care if Pink is dead, i think the chemistry between Clara and eyebrows-dr doesn't work, it's like two cogwheels trying to spin together but they don't fit, i wish they'd replace her with an older woman, not old old but a bit older, she looks 12 yo next to him. but i think she worked wonderfully with chin-boy.

but the stories. OMG that one with the trees? like WHO CARES?! it was horrible. The final episodes when we realize that there's an AFTERLIFE. felt like the writers said "ok let's ignore that and move on". really? an afterlife and no one cares?

personally, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the character of Missy, she's funny and conniving it's wonderful, but she had 2 minutes of screen time and no time for character development. and *** SPOILERS DARLING *** when she "gives" the Dr. the robotic army, i mean, really? that was the big finish, couldn't you write it more epic so it would be more interesting?

also, wtf with all the robots on all the season?
wtf? why not just invent NEW ENEMIES like they invented the Silence which was great!

the writing is horrid, about half the season i wanted to cry from anguish and the special was stupid and looked like they ran out of ideas so they ripped off, knowingly, Alien. i didn't care about the characters, i didn't care about Clara, she might be very smart that doesn't count for an impossible girl. she needs to have a life that's Impossible to be Impossible.

thoughts? am i the only one swimming in this pool of tears?

is finally updated with my latest work and all,
thank you all who helped!

thanks for the tips for refining the site, i also added some friends and family's suggestions as well, it came out very awesome.
thank you again!
I have a question.
i just placed a poll about my personal site:

i designed it myself and i like it personally but i didn't have a lot of feedback about it.
care you look at it for a second and tell me your personal opinion? i saw a lot of artists have WHITE for a background
but i placed a dark gray... and i'm not sure if the categories/overall look and such are "correct" and look professional enough,
i need to seem as a serious artist for the unsuspecting eye.

Thanks if you'll help me out!
Omri (:
i got another DD!
thank you guys,

Jonah's Torment by OmriKoresh

i added some more folders into my gallery so everything will be more comfortable for you people.
the poll said i should so i did (:

thank you!
for all the B-day wishes,
thank you!! (:
hey! well i thought that i didn't write about myself in a while so... why not!
first- VC: Memnoch the devil, i still didn't decide if i should continue it but i'll know on friday, i have a long drive then and i'll go at it, i'll update you guys,
thanks for all the advice!

secondly about a year ago my dr. told me that i might become diabetic if i won't loose some extra pounds and stop eating sugar.. i'm not a fat person but, oh well, genetics.. 
so i started working out, i go to the gym, i do whatever those monstrous big bulgy hot men aka coaches tell me to do.. i wish it was that sexy.. but today i got really dizzy and i realized i didn't really eat today
because i'm working on this huge chair and it's to intense that i forgot to eat! (you can see progress and stuff on my FACEBOOK )

my main focus is to be more and more engaged in traditional work,
my last paintings are currently in LA with my brother who's sniffing around galleries and stuff, i hope for the best.

... anyway if you guys noticed i'm uploading more traditional work,
it's not as popular but i'll upload all my traditional work anyway, i barely work in digital.
i have no real use for it unless it's commissioned. i love creating book covers and stuff but my main work is traditional.
i'll probably make more Alice art in the future don't worry (:

- i'm also working on a graphic novel, some of you know what it's about (hello beta testers) and i'm writing 2 more volumes... but it will take a while until the writing is done for reviewing.
- i'm starting to work on my next painting series, it will be something like jewish-POP-thingie combined with sci-fi / old school horror

besides i finished my degree and i hope that me and my BF will move out soon to our own place, we are together for 2.5 years and going strong! it's fantastic!
that's it for now!