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Selling again:

Write me!
I love Dr. who,
i like the changes,
i like all the doctors
even the current one!
i even like clara although like everyone else's i'm involve with Donna.

so why the fuck am i writing about this series?
i want to see if i'm the only one that's disappointed by the last season and the Christmas Special.

I think that the cast is overall AMAZING.
the actors work wonderfully together, but i don't care if Pink is dead, i think the chemistry between Clara and eyebrows-dr doesn't work, it's like two cogwheels trying to spin together but they don't fit, i wish they'd replace her with an older woman, not old old but a bit older, she looks 12 yo next to him. but i think she worked wonderfully with chin-boy.

but the stories. OMG that one with the trees? like WHO CARES?! it was horrible. The final episodes when we realize that there's an AFTERLIFE. felt like the writers said "ok let's ignore that and move on". really? an afterlife and no one cares?

personally, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the character of Missy, she's funny and conniving it's wonderful, but she had 2 minutes of screen time and no time for character development. and *** SPOILERS DARLING *** when she "gives" the Dr. the robotic army, i mean, really? that was the big finish, couldn't you write it more epic so it would be more interesting?

also, wtf with all the robots on all the season?
wtf? why not just invent NEW ENEMIES like they invented the Silence which was great!

the writing is horrid, about half the season i wanted to cry from anguish and the special was stupid and looked like they ran out of ideas so they ripped off, knowingly, Alien. i didn't care about the characters, i didn't care about Clara, she might be very smart that doesn't count for an impossible girl. she needs to have a life that's Impossible to be Impossible.

thoughts? am i the only one swimming in this pool of tears?

is finally updated with my latest work and all,
thank you all who helped!

thanks for the tips for refining the site, i also added some friends and family's suggestions as well, it came out very awesome.
thank you again!
I have a question.
i just placed a poll about my personal site:

i designed it myself and i like it personally but i didn't have a lot of feedback about it.
care you look at it for a second and tell me your personal opinion? i saw a lot of artists have WHITE for a background
but i placed a dark gray... and i'm not sure if the categories/overall look and such are "correct" and look professional enough,
i need to seem as a serious artist for the unsuspecting eye.

Thanks if you'll help me out!
Omri (:
i got another DD!
thank you guys,

Jonah's Torment by OmriKoresh

i added some more folders into my gallery so everything will be more comfortable for you people.
the poll said i should so i did (:

thank you!
for all the B-day wishes,
thank you!! (:
hey! well i thought that i didn't write about myself in a while so... why not!
first- VC: Memnoch the devil, i still didn't decide if i should continue it but i'll know on friday, i have a long drive then and i'll go at it, i'll update you guys,
thanks for all the advice!

secondly about a year ago my dr. told me that i might become diabetic if i won't loose some extra pounds and stop eating sugar.. i'm not a fat person but, oh well, genetics.. 
so i started working out, i go to the gym, i do whatever those monstrous big bulgy hot men aka coaches tell me to do.. i wish it was that sexy.. but today i got really dizzy and i realized i didn't really eat today
because i'm working on this huge chair and it's to intense that i forgot to eat! (you can see progress and stuff on my FACEBOOK )

my main focus is to be more and more engaged in traditional work,
my last paintings are currently in LA with my brother who's sniffing around galleries and stuff, i hope for the best.

... anyway if you guys noticed i'm uploading more traditional work,
it's not as popular but i'll upload all my traditional work anyway, i barely work in digital.
i have no real use for it unless it's commissioned. i love creating book covers and stuff but my main work is traditional.
i'll probably make more Alice art in the future don't worry (:

- i'm also working on a graphic novel, some of you know what it's about (hello beta testers) and i'm writing 2 more volumes... but it will take a while until the writing is done for reviewing.
- i'm starting to work on my next painting series, it will be something like jewish-POP-thingie combined with sci-fi / old school horror

besides i finished my degree and i hope that me and my BF will move out soon to our own place, we are together for 2.5 years and going strong! it's fantastic!
that's it for now!


ok i read about 187 pages, some spoilers ahead if you didn't read it.... don't!
am i the only one that thinks this book from the series sucks?

i read the first three books a long time ago and i decided to read the rest of the series,
i read "the body thief" i liked it, it had some awesome moments but this one? "memnoch the devil" i mean,
i don't give a shit about this Dora girl and i found lestat not being HIMSELF! Lestat has a tendency of being a self illusionist- a lot of times he talks himself into things and situations but at the end there's some kind of regret or reminiscences or something but in this book it felt like:

he spoke to her for a moment, he acted unlike his vain-pain-filled-soul and then "i love dora" and there's no real emotion! he describes her as a beautiful girl but, unlike Gretchen from the previous book he doesn't describe her character, she's very boring. and as far as i know Lestat doesn't like skinny boned girls, he even described a beautiful girl in the earlier book as "unnecessarily skinny" no curves etc, he didn't like it. when he talked to roger, i liked the conversation but i hated the fact that it's a fucking ghost- it felt sloppy and reductive. roger had more emotion but he was too a flat character.

i loved the ordinary man, but most of the time, the whole text felt like it's empty, nothing happened, a lot of describing random things, lestat is stuck inside of his mind, acting like he got his period coupled with too many thoughts that go all over the place with no basic concept. the start of the book something is following him and i immediately understood it was the devil- because of the book title.

i like the concept of lestat visiting god and the devil but it's written poorly so it's not the religious concept.
i have no clue what the hell happened in this book but i'll read the next one, let's hope it's better, if not- NEXT!

do you agree? have you read it?

BTW Prices are Before discount!

i'm selling it through my Facebook page:
if anyone is interested please write me here or there!
i have a question, does anyone know what's the best posting time to DA? at what hour / day?
Ok am i the only one that is going nuts over this thing?
i keep trying to upload images to place them as prints later on but I CAN'T it keeps saying that it has bugs or whatever! 
ahhh it's driving me nuts, anyone has similar problems?
Nina photogrphed by ME!


hope you like (:

i did a HUGE facelift to it, so you guys can visit!

and it finally works on Mobiles too (:
Hey! so i had ANOTHER photoshoot, i had a blast, it was a lot of fun.
well, i have all the pictures at my blog,…

i hope you like (:…
this my BFA exhibition, the VIRTUAL version!!

i hope you like!
hey! i have some good news!
i'll be exhibiting my work with at "The Story of the Creative"

hopefully they won't cancel me at the last minute!
anyway- it's very cool!!!! here's the invite:…


The creative force is unstoppable.  It is a force of humanity, of inspiration and dedication.   It is universal.  This summer you are invited to celebrate "The Story of the Creative".

Please join us for the opening reception:
Thursday, July 25th
7p through  11p
The show continues through September 10th.

Complimentary Cocktails
Provided by Absolut Vodka

See.Me is proud to present a selection of our members representing over 100 different nations.  This exquisite collection of work features a diverse range of mediums, styles, influences, and inspirations.  The work displayed will include sculpture, works on paper in one of the most exquisite venues in New York City. 

Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street, New York NY, 10002

See.Me is an international community of over 700,000 artists, photographers, fashion creators, musicians and more, sharing and celebrating what they love at


if you are there, tell me how it went! i'm stuck in Israel ):
hey! i had another photography session, this time with a friend

the whole session is at my blog:…

but i'll post here two pics, just because i like 'em.

ONE of the pictures
she hated her freckles, i think they are hot.
ONE of the pictures
i'm used to having weird dreams, it's not something out of the ordinary but this one was SO out of the box i just don't get it! anyway hopefully i'll remember it all but i'm warning this is LONG! and i didn't re-write it so it must be written not that great:

it started when my dad bought a building to live in and fix it, he's a contractor, and the apartment he picked for me came with furniture.
there used to be an old couple in the apartment I got, so there were a lot of tiny dolls/china/porcelain dolls of cats, smily cats, even some made of wood.
my dad showed me the apartment, asked me if it's all right, i said it's just fine and after looking around the apartment, seeing that it's filled with tons of dark wood classic furniture and huge long drapes on each window, including the porch.

i decided to rid myself of most of the stuff, it made me uncomfortable.. i loved the old classic furniture but it made everything unnecessarily old.
as i was about to grab one of the smiling cats ugly wood carvings, a friend of mine called me and she said she's outside the building. i wasn't surprised, i get random visits always.
i went down the spiral stairs of the building, got to the bottom, opened the front door, said hello and had a small chat on random stuff, weirdly enough she somehow parked in the middle of the lobby, which wasn't all that nice, all made of filthy concrete.

while we talked these guys kept popping in the building, around 3-4 asking where is "winston" so we both decided it's probably a clothing store that was closed after my dad bought the place.
they said the place was cheap and stuff so we thought maybe it was like the red cross or something.
after a while she asked what is in this building? i said i have no idea and told her that we should find out.
we started walking around the lobby, which was very big, here and there some graffiti on the walls.
down some stairs, up some, left right, don't remember.

eventually i lost her. i called her name, i couldn't even hear her. i saw the more i walk the more the place has graffiti, on purpose, the walls were colored black and the graffiti was neon. like this place used to be a club or something. there was even a large empty square place thing, so it really looked like a club.
i went up some stairs, all the time i went down so perhaps if i'll go up i'll find her..
up the stairs, walked straight ahead and i got to a dead end hallway, i turned back to go where i was and then i noticed,
the walls shifted. the walls shifted constantly, i just couldn't see it before.

i thought "Oh Fuck" and started walking forward, i then i saw a bar. tiny bar, with some yellow candle light, something out of a LOTR movie with lots of strange people.
i thought i'll ask them how do i get out of here. so i got in the bar, everything ordinary but then i saw that those strange people i met... were not exactly people, some were zombies, vampires, i don't know what else, but it was fucking scary. it's not like the vampire movies when they are extremely creepy or beautiful, no, they looked like ordinary ugly people with shiny eyes and a stare that you know they can break you in two.
zombies overall freak me out, no clue why they were in a bar but they came in REALLY close and i was petrified, i froze.

this girl looked at me, she sat on the bar, she told me "take a cigarette" i understood the clue it was like "Blend in, be cool", i suppose that was "winston" place, a cigarette pun?!
i snatched one of her cigarettes light it up and started pumping. i was so afraid my body was shaking and i as moving like a robot that is trying to smoke.
i told her i needed to get out of there, NOW, i don't want to be lunch.

she said that i need to cool down.. something something, don't remember but then surprisingly enough, while i was looking that none of these creatures is getting too close,
i saw my mom! wearing a black mini dress, looking beautiful, like always.
i called her, i told her i want to go home, she said no problems, she just needs the bathroom and we are off.
i went with her, those things kept looking at me, if it was sexual it would of been cool but it wasn't. it was hunger.

she went in for a minute, got out, wearing a white short jacket with a white mini dress.
i didn't understand how she got the cloths- she only had a tiny bag with her, but i didn't care, i just wanted out.
she went to the sink- above them were pictures of old people, next to the mirrors, she took out a huge white marker and tarnished the picture of the old woman there,
like a kid.

i woke up.
today, i showed all the work i want to present in my final BFA exhibition.

and i know more or less how i'd want the gallery to look like (floors/walls/light etc) and what i want to exhibit,
i have it arranged in my mind...
last week i had a lot of arguments on, basically, everything... how i work (none of their business) i want to take some time off before the exhibition they said i need to work until the last minute, that i can't transfer the stuff from my house to the school because i don't have the funds to do so. basically they think money grows on trees.
and lastly that i'll might have to share a space with an another crappy artist... although the school is pretty huge and we are a very small group /:

today they suggested that i'll put a GLASS BOX around my objects.
like a display window and because they say i'm hard headed and i don't listen and i pretty much take a dump on other people's opinions
which is somewhat correct but not that extreme. i just know my opinion is what counts, until someone will convince me otherwise. my show- my decisions.

i totally faked it and said i will think of it and showed overall interest.
but really,
WTF? why the hell should i do that?
that's moronic.

am i alone here having these kind of problems?!

and it's not the first time they give me a stupid idea and get mad at me for disagreeing.
morons. thank jehova i'm finishing this degree soon.